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Amiibo The Legend of Zelda Series Figure (Link Ocarina of Time)

Item details
Max qty per customer:
1 Pcs
Packed weight:
0 gr
85 gr
Product rank:
Box rank:
Retail price:
4,500 JPY
Our price:
4,500 JPY - 43.90 USD - 36.06 EUR
Item description
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time game introduced a time traveling element into the series—this amiibo shows a 17-year old Link playing the ocarina that allowed him to warp back and forth across a seven-year gap to defeat the power-hungry Ganondorf.

The summoned chest will contain claymores or elemental arrows. Get lucky and it will drop one of the following unique clothing items:

Cap of Time
Tunic of Time
Trousers of Time
There is also a chance that the chest will contain a unique weapon: the Biggoron Sword. The chest drops surrounded by an assortment of meat items.

For game compatiblity features list, please check here

4,500 JPYNOW


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