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(Videogame) Super Mario Bros. 3

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10 Pcs
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98 gr
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2,980 JPY
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2,980 JPY - 29.07 USD - 23.88 EUR
Item description
The Mushroom Kingdom has been a peaceful place thanks to the brave deeds of Mario and Luigi. The Mushroom Kingdom forms an entrance to the Mushroom World where all is not well.

Bowser sent his seven children to make mischief as they please in the normally peaceful Mushroom World. They stole royal magic wands from each country in the Mushroom World and used them to turn their kings into animals. Mario and Luigi must recover the royal magic wands from Bowser's seven kids to return the kings to their true forms.

"Goodbye and good luck!" said the Princess and Toad as Mario and Luigi set off on their journey deep into the Mushroom World.

These are the words found in the booklet of Super Mario Bros. 3 the successor of the most popular 2D platform game in history and the game that surpassed it in all accounts. New moves, new skins, new enemies that put your abilities to the test!

If you want to own a piece of gaming history, don't miss this chance! The cartridge is in good state, and comes with its original plastic case and outer box. Please refer to the pictures to see its condition.

Console: Famicom (Japanese SNES)
Language: Japanese
Genre: 2D Side-scroller Platformer
Local play: up to 2 players (turn system)
Region LOCKED: This game can be used with Japanese Famicom devices (or using a pin adapter for Famicom to NES)

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2,980 JPYNOW


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