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The Idolmaster Kisaragi Chihaya (Figure)

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01 Jan. 1970
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28 Nov. 2008
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25 Pcs
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7,600 JPY
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6,840 JPY - 66.73 USD - 54.81 EUR
Item description

Great Japanese Figure from Wafudoh of Chihaya Kisaragi from the game

Chihaya Kisaragi (如月千早, Kisaragi Chihaya?)
Age: 15
Cool and serious, Chihaya has the greatest enthusiasm towards music (and according to the game, the greatest natural talent for it as well) out of all of the girls, earnestly believing that if she were no longer able to sing, she would rather die. She doesn\'t very much care for the title \"idol\" in fact, and prefers to refer to herself as a \"vocalist\" instead, somewhat shunning the non-singing parts of being an idol. During her time off, Chihaya enjoys listening to classical music, along with generally spending time by herself, giving an aura of maturity about her. Though in actuality, she\'s really just awkward when it comes to communicating with other people. Despite her age, she has the smallest bust out of all of the characters, which makes her the subject of many jokes in fan material.

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