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The order page is the list of all your items purchased so far.

We currently accept only PayPal payments in Yen currency.

PLEASE NOTE! We do not ship automatically your items, you need to request shipping from the ORDER page.
To ship all items in stock click the button called "Ship all items."
To ship only the selected items please use the checkbox and then request the shipping by clicking the button on the right called "Ship selected items"

PLEASE NOTE! If you selected economy shipment we may split the shipment in 2 or more packages to follow the ECONOMY size and/or weight restrictions (90 cm across or 2kg max).If you choose the fast shipment we will send all the products in one parcel.

Sorry, we can not accept orders over the phone.

Sorry we do not offer phone support, as we are offering products below retail price we are using an automated system that will allow us to keep costs down and pass the savings to you!

The order may have been converted to cancelled for one of the following reasons:
Incorrect billing address supplied.
Payment Declined / Incorrect card details supplied.
Our billing system do not accept that credit card or you PayPal account has a problem.
Items out of stock / discontinued/not obtainable.
We reached the allocation amount for the choosen product. The product deadline has been reached.

Customer service hours are 10:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays. Tokyo time is +9 GMT
PLEASE NOTE: because the time difference, there is a chance that when you are writing to us we are actually sleeping :)

In most cases yes, we are doing our best every time to ensure that all customers that ordered with us will get their beloved items.
In same cases however the manufacturer will not fulfill the full order and we need to cancel some of the latest orders accordingly.

"PayPal charged me right away. Why is that?"
Past years we had many cancellations of pre orders and rare items. Many customers did want the items but they couldn't order it because reserved by other customers (that eventually cancelled). We believe that if the customer is genuinely interested in our items the payment should be done in advance. In our new version of the website we added a paylater option that allow the customer to postpone the payment until the release of the product.

No, we will not ship to you until you request it. Our fantastic new ORDER page allow you to decide when and what we will ship to you Isn't that great?

You can view your order history by going to account section. Here you will see your orders in number order, by selecting an order, you can see what items were on the orders and in which shipment they are.

Yes but our system has a slightly different approach to the conventional order system.
PLEASE NOTE! - Orders can be fully cancelled with no cancellation fees if unpaid. - If the order is not paid in 48 hours it will be cancelled automatically by our system.- Once paid a 20% cancellation fee applies to all orders if cancelled.- Items on pre order can’t be cancelled 1 week before the release date. Cancellation for paylater orders is not accepted.


Shipping cost is calculated by weight and not volume. To find out the shipping cost please use the shipping calculator at the bottom of the product page.

Shipping cost is calculated once we packed your items AFTER you request shipping from the ORDER PAGE. Many customers combine orders in one shipping.

If you selected economy shipment we may split the shipment in 2 or more packages to follow the ECONOMY size and/or weight restrictions (90 cm across or 2kg max).If you choose the fast shipment we will send all the products in one parcel.

Just click "Ship all items" button in the order page, all items in stock (marked in green) will be shipped. If you want to ship separately use the checkbox and press "Ship seleted items".

Yes, this is possible only if you didn't receive the shipping cost. Please understand that it might take a while for us to repack your order.

You can view your shipment history in the shipped section of the orders page.

Yes, to do so, you need to add a new shipping address in your account page before requesting the shipment.
After that you can select it using the drop down menu in the "Order page" -> In stock ready to ship" section.

Depending on your location we can generally ship to you using Fast or Economy shipping.
After you request shipping from your order page you will receive two quotes for shipping, Fast or Economy.
PLEASE NOTE: if you receive the same shipping cost for both economy and fast shipment it means that only 1 option is available.

By checking the first letter of the Tracking number you will be able to determine what method is used to ship your parcel.
- Tracking numbers beginning with R are SAL Small packet (3-4 weeks delivery time) - TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE
- Tracking numbers beginning with C are SAL Postal Parcel (2-3 weeks delivery time) - TEMPORARY UNAVAILABLE
- Tracking numbers beginning with E are EMS (3-5 days delivery time) - AVAILABLE
- Tracking numbers with only numbers are DHL (3-5 days delivery time) - AVAILABLE

Yes, we can ship within Japan. Please note that starting from October 1st, 2023, a 10% consumption tax will be added to the shipping costs for all products shipped to a Japanese address, in accordance with new regulations. This tax does not apply to shipments sent to forwarding companies within Japan.
Lear more about shipments within Japan here: about shipping in Japan

Please make sure your items are in stock (marked green) in the order page.
After that you need to request shipping for your items. This is well explained in the e-mail we sent you after the order is placed and paid. If you did not receive our e-mail please contact your e-mail provider and let them know that you are unable to receive mails from us or If you have done all that, please check your spam folder in case our mail has been filtered by your internet spam settings.
In any case you need to click the ship button in the order page in the green marked section at the bottom of the page.
Otherwise please use the contact us page to get in touch with our customer service stuff. They will answer you as soon as they can.
PLEASE NOTE: Customer service hours are 10:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays. Tokyo time is +9 GMT

The post office will hold the goods for you usually 2 weeks before returning the goods back to us (it may be longer). If you are able to contact your local post office, arrangements can be made, for the shipment to be held at your local depot until you are available to collect.

This must be reported to AE as soon as possible and we will take the appropriate action. Please include clear pictures of the damage or missing parts. We pack the items very carefully to avoid damage to your beloved items.
However in same cases of human error accidents appends and the item/s gets damaged. You need to claim to your local post office right away about the incident and seek compensation on your side.
Meanwhile we will do our best to solve the problem from our side.

This must be reported to us straight away. You need then to contact your local post office and use the tracking number to claim your item. If they confirm that the parcel never arrived in your country please contact us and we will start investigating right away to solve the issue with the Japan Post staff.


  • Special
    Special items are sold to the customer that pay first.
    More than one customer can order at the same time but only the first one that pay will get it. Special product are single sales that can be purchased by one customer only.

  • In stock
    Product is in stock.

  • Pre order
    Item is on pre order. If you product is not paid before the deadline or we reach our allotted allocation, our system will cancel your order.

  • Awaiting Release
    the pre order deadline has passed and we are waiting for the product to be released.

    Sold out is sold out...finish, nada, no more, never again.

All of our items are in stock until someone buy it.
Special items are one sale only and who orders and pays first, gets it. The other customers will have the order cancelled by the system. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

  • Orders can be fully cancelled with no cancellation fees if unpaid.

  • Once paid, a 20% cancellation fee applies to all orders after the deadline.

  • Paylater orders can't be canceled.

  • We cannot accept the cancellation for shipped orders.

Anime Export is a direct wholesaler for all the major Japanese toy brands. Because of that we are able to offer competitive prices on all the products.


You can use our contact us page which allows you to send a request directly to our Technical/Returns Team, where you should receive a response within 24 business hours. (Except weekends and national holidays)

If nobody is at home to receive your order, then you will be left a calling card and the goods will be returned to your local depot. You may contact the courier to arrange a suitable redelivery date, or alternatively it may be possible to pick up the order from your local depot. (Please confirm this with the courier first)
It is your responsibility to receive the package and or contact your local post office to find out how to get your parcel. If the parcel comes back because of the wrong address on your part, or your carelessness, then we will charge you for the redelivery.

There may be a problem with one or more of the items on your order. Please contact our Customer Support Team as soon as possible and we will investigate any hold up with the order.

No, sorry.

Unfortunately we cannot currently specify a timed delivery. However you may contact the local post office once the order has been dispatched and ask them for an approximate delivery time.

We do not provide invoices for retail customers.

Damage in transit: If goods arrive in a damaged condition you must ask the postman at the time of the delivery for a claim form for damaged goods and deal with them for the compensation.
Incorrect product: Please contact us if you receive any incorrect product from delivery.
Non-Deliveries: We will not accept liability for goods lost in transit as it is the courier responsibility. If the shipment as been lost in Japan we will help you dealing with the issue.

Use the retrieve password facility at the log in page, if you forgot your log in too please visit the contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

In the rare event that you have been sent the incorrect item then please use our contact us page and report this discrepancy to us.

Please contact us via web form on the contact us page, we will get back to you as soon as possible. If it's our mistake we will refund or provide funds to ship it back to us. PLEASE NOTE! The item must be sealed or in case of a special item in same conditions as shipped.


As a wholesaler we will need a deposit from you of 50000 Yen. The deposit will NOT be used to pay for your items but it will be as a guarantee for us. The deposit can be returned after you decide to close the wholesale account with us at any time. At that point we will use the deposit to pay or ship your items.

As a wholesaler can pay for your orders at the time of the release. (Within 1 week)
PLEASE NOTE! All pre orders must be placed before the deadline.

We do not have a minimum order policy.

YES you can, but you must buy and pay immediately, and there is not extra discount...sorry. SPECIAL items are one off and we don't take requests anymore.

YES ONLY before deadline. Absolutely NOT AFTER deadline.
PLEASE NOTE!If as a wholesaler and retailer you keep your items longer than 6 moths AND we have no further contact from you we will charge 500 yen per week storage per item (big or small)
Once the cost reaches the value of the items we will not be able to ship your items anymore to you a we will consider them unclaimed.
Make sure that your contact information is up to date and you reply to our mails.
Thank you for your cooperation and your understanding.

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