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By using this website and placing orders, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully before using your account.

I. Products

Anime Export cannot compensate economically for orders that are cancelled for shortage stocks, delays in release dates or manufacturer cancellations

1. Preorders Items

These are items which we are able to ship once they are released, as per contract with the manufacturer.

2. Stock Items

As the title states, Stock items are items we have in stock and we are able to ship them immediately.

3. Special Items

Special items are usually listed individually and are sold on a first come, first serve basis. The customer should read the information provided on the product page, where it can check the condition of the item, before ordering it. Please note that until the transaction with Paypal is not finalized, the item is still available, so only the person who pays first gets the item.

4. Inquiry for a sold out items

After an item gets sold out, you still can ask us to order a few more. In that case, we will ask the manufacturer to get extra items. Feel free to inquiry us but note that there is little chance that it is possible. Also, note these conditions before inquiry us:

  • Bandai never provide extra items. If the item you want to inquire for is sold by Bandai, there is no way we can get extra for you.
  • If the release date of the item is over, we will not be able to get extra pieces for you.
  • Please message us with the exact quantity you want to order.
  • If we manage to get some extra pieces for you, we will add them to your order list and require you to pay for them right away. We will not accept cancellation on that kind of order.

II. Orders

1. Placing orders

When you place an order with AE, you will be able to choose to pay the order now or to pay the order at the release. However, this last option will not be available for special items.

Please note that before choosing one of these two options, your order is not secured and can be automatically cancelled if the item becomes sold out.

2. Pay later option

By choosing this option, you will be able to pay at the release of the product.

3. Cancelling an order

We accept order cancellation for preorder items for free before the deadline date.

After the preorder deadline but before the release of the product, we will refund 80% of the price.

After the release of the product we will not accept order cancellation.

4. About keeping an order

We can keep your order in our warehouse until 6 months after the release of the item. If you want us to keep your order longer, please inform us about it.

*If the order is more than 6 months old and without any information from the customer, it may happen that we lose the item. In that case and unless you can prove that you actually contacted us about it, there will be no refund provided.

*If we have to keep your order because we can't ship to your country due to Japan Post closing it shipping ways at the time you requested the shipment, please ignore the above condition. If we lose your order, a full refund will be provided.

5. Payments

Payments are made from the Paypal website. You don't need any Paypal account to pay. Please contact us if you have trouble for the payment.

III. Shipments & Returns

1. Shipping request

You can request a shipment of the item at any time after you paid for an order and after the item is in stock.
By doing this, you will be able to ship many of your orders at the same time.
*If for any reason you want us to keep your order over 6 months, please inform us.

2. Shipping method

After you request a shipment, we will send you the shipping cost for fast shipment and economy shipment. Depending on the country to ship, the shipping method may be different. Please feel free to ask us details about the shipping method or request us to ship with a specific method. Please note the following:

  • If the fast shipment cost and the economy cost is the same it means that the fastest method is also the cheapest, or that there is only one method to ship to your country.
  • We never send shipping costs for Surface shipment unless the customer requests it or if it is the only available method to your country
  • We only ship by Japan Post or DHL
  • If there is no way to ship to your country at the moment, we can hold your order for free until another method reopens. Feel free to contact us for more information.

IMPORTANT: Surface shipment usually takes 3 or 4 months to deliver, sometime more. However it doesn't present more risk of lost parcels than any other method. If you select this option, please understand that we won't accept any complaits regarding the delivery delay. Sometimes, Surface is the only available method to ship to your country. Please make sure to check what methods are available to your country BEFORE placing an order. This information can be checked here. We won't accept order cancellation because Surface is the only method available to your country.

3. Damaged items

If the package you receive is damaged due to the transportation, please tell your post office at the time you pick up your package. Nothing can be done after that time.
The Japan Post shall be able to provide a refund up to the declared value of the package.

If you believe that the damage is our fault or the manufacturer's fault, please contact us right away and send us the photos of the damage.

4. Order not shipped or delayed

If you notice that we take more than 2 business days to ship your order despite that you requested a shipment, please check the following:

  • Please check if you country is available for Japan Post delivery: Check this information here.
  • If your order is more than 6 months old the item might not be available anymore. We might refuse to provide a refund in case you did not explicitly ask us to keep your order for more than 6 months with a good reason (worldwide pandemic; etc...)
  • If your order contains a very large quantity of products, we can take up to a week to prepare it (wholesalers are not concerned).

After checking this, please contact us to know about the situation and we will do our best to find a solution.

5. Returns

If the post office has failed to deliver your parcel for some reason (absence, incomplete address, etc...), they will usually keep your parcel for few weeks. After that and if the parcel hasn't been claimed by the receiver, the parcel will be returned to us.

If a package is returned to us, we will contact you in order to find a solution.
If the responsabilty of the return is from your side, we will ask you to pay for the reshipment, or we will offer you to refund 80% of the order price and cancel your order. If the fault if from us or an external reason, we will pay for the reshipment or provide a full refund.
*Without reply from you within a week, the order might be cancelled. Please make sure the address email registered on your account is still valid.

IV. Retailer Account

Each individual may have an account with Anime Export. Having several accounts is strictly forbidden. If we suspect an account to be a fake account, we will close it and cancel the orders.

V. Wholesaler Account

1. Becoming a wholesaler with Anime-Export

In order to become a wholesaler with Anime-Export, please contact us on our email address.

First of all in order to open a wholesale account we need our customers to put up a JPY 50,000 deposit. This deposit will be kept on PayPal and of course will be returned to you if you decide to close the account. Please note that if you decide to close the account and open orders are still on, the deposit will be used to cover for those.

We will also ask you to provide us the name and the url or address of your shop or company.

2. Wholesaler benefits

  • Higher discount on most of the items (except special items)
  • Paying for the items at the release and not at the preorder like we request to regular account holders.
  • Placing orders for a number of items higher than the one allowed on the website (for example if the order limit for regular customers is 3 you will be able to order 12, 24. The maximum quantity for wholesalers is determined item by item anyway)

3. About orders cut

Please note that some brands (esp. Bandai) are used to cut the ordered quantity for wholesalers depending on their production quapacity. We allows our wholesaler customers to place order for the quantity they want, but it may happens that the manufacturer decides to not provide the quantity you ordered (a minimum of one item per person is guaranteed anyway).
The decision from the manufacturer is very random and changes for each item as it depends on the production capacity. Sometimes you may receive only one item, or all what you ordered. We can’t give you more information about the quantity you are actually gonna receive until the release of the item. Please understand and remain friendly even if you couldn't get the quantity you expected.
*We strongly advice you not to pre-sale products to your customers before we can confirm the quantity that you will actually receive.
*Please do not order more than what you really need. It will not give you more chances to get the quantity you want. Morehover, if by chance we receive all what you ordered, you will be asked to pay all.

VI. Customer support

Our customer support is available from monday to friday, during the office hours of Anime-Export, from 10am to 6pm (Japan time).

Our customer support is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese. However, depending on our staff availability, in some cases we may reply to you in english.

You can reach us by email at:

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about the above terms and conditions!

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the email address registered on your account is always valid. In case of problem, we will contact you on this email address.

Last revision: 2022-01-19

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