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Movie Fine Art Bust Blade

Item details
Deadline date:
01 Jan. 1970
Release month:
15 Mar. 2009
Max qty per customer:
25 Pcs
Packed weight:
0 gr
0 gr

This product cannot be shipped with Japan Post's Small Packet option

Product rank:
Box rank:
Retail price:
9,800 JPY
Our price:
8,820 JPY - 86.05 USD - 70.67 EUR
Item description
In the context of vampire fiction, a daywalker is a vampire which, for various reasons, is immune to the effects of sunlight and is able to operate during the day. The term was coined in the Blade comics published by Marvel and was popularized by the Blade films based upon them. Daywalker is also used as a derogatory slang term.

Many dhampir (half-vampire/half-humans) are daywalkers. However, some pureblooded vampires are powerful enough or have found ways to negate the effects of sunlight. An example of this is Count Kinkell from Tsukuyomi - he is able to bend light around himself so that he is not burned. Sometimes, a daywalker may be immune to some of the other classic vampire weaknesses, such as garlic or the need to drink blood.

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