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Shigofumi Fumika figure

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25 Pcs
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6,800 JPY
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6,120 JPY - 59.71 USD - 49.04 EUR
Item description
Anime manga japanese figure of Fumika (フミカ/文伽, Fumika) shigofumi

Fumika is the main character in the anime series. She appears to be a young girl, though her real age is never mentioned. She works as a mail carrier from the afterlife realm of Shigo, delivering what are known as \"shigofumi\" to people in a Japanese city that she has been assigned to. These shigofumi are letters written by those who have recently died, and it is Fumika\'s job to deliver the letters to whoever the dead wanted them to go to. Though typically the shigofumi mail carriers are people who have already died, and thus do not age, Fumika is different in that she ages at the same rate as a normal person, signifying that she has not died yet but is merely in a state of astral projection.

Fumika is almost always calm and speaks in a low monotonic voice. She is serious about her job and carries out her duties even if it takes her longer to deliver a given letter, such as her having to follow the recipient by train to another part of Japan.

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