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BD and DVD Black Rock Shooter First Release Limited Edition w/ Nendoroid Petit BRS Set

Item details
Deadline date:
20 Aug. 2010
Release month:
16 Dec. 2010
Max qty per customer:
25 Pcs
Packed weight:
1100 gr
800 gr
Non Scale
Retail price:
4,000 JPY
Our price:
3,600 JPY
Item description

WOW enjoy The Black Rock Shooter animeon super-high resolution video and sound on Blu-ray! This new version also includes behind the scenes and bonus material!!!! And the first release limited edition includes even more deluxe features!


Includes Subtitles in 7 Languages
Run time 50 min

Two girls bound by friendship and the struggle to the end in a parallel world. Now you can bring home the emotionally moving story of two pure girls and their intense emotions!



First Release Limited Edition includes:

Original Illustrated Double-Jacket by huke and Yuusuke Matsuo

Storyboard Collection

Nendoroid Petit BRS Set

(Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master)

huke and Yuusuke Matsuo Color Illustration Book (36 pages)


BRS Stop Motion Promotional Short
BRS Stop Motion Making Of Bonus


3,600 JPYNOW


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